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  • Unique artificial marbleSimcon technology has produced unique artificial marble both for wall and exterior.
  • Molded feature structureAll products has molded feature structure.
  • Replace much Current SystemsThe product will replace much system now used in the construction industry.

SIMCON - is set up to produce, distribute and export marble and ceramic products.

Moreover, SIMCON produces and distributes cement made floor and wall terrazzo, porcelain and cultured marble.

In addition, it imports related inputs and machinery and exclusively distributes it domestically.

New Products


About US

Simcon Technology plc  is under formation manufacturing plc with patented product that will revoultionalize the building industry in the country

The company will be unique manufacturer of Artificial in the country and protected by licicing agreement with the in Venter of Artificial Marble

Simcon technology is the under formation manufacturer of cultural marble company with patented product that reveloutionalize the construction industry. it will be exclusively manufacturer in Ethiopia and protected by Ethiopian intellectual properties office  that protected for the process and produced of the products


     Simcon strive to be the majority provider of breakthrough product .we intend to accomplish this through a strict quality- control program, timely deliveries and competitive pricing.

     Key to success

  • Simcon will develop Artificial marble
  • Simcon is the unique manufacturer of Artificial marble &provided by licensing agreement with the inventor of the product
  • The company will control its production line that quality is meet



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